Pro-actively Adapting to our Environment

Here in Australia we are currently experiencing the tail end of Summer. Where I live we have just experienced another heat wave. The ambient temperature (that is the temperature outside of ourselves) can affect our moods. When it is hot, we find ourselves more tired, less motivated and often skip meals. When it is cold, we may find ourselves depressed because cold usually happens in winter, which usually means less light, which prompts some of us towards hibernation. There’s nothing like sleeping in on a cold morning, hey?

People will react consistently to the same changes in temperature and light. However just because I react in a certain way doesn’t mean you will.

When we notice that we have changed, we are not helpless. Instead we must adapt to the changes. If you find that your appetite is suppressed, then you need to ensure that you eat consistent high energy and high nutritional meals, so that the decreased quantity does not affect your health.

If you find that you are not sleeping well, then work that into your routine as well. For example, if you are sleeping in small bursts, go to bed early so that your midnight wake up allows you enough time for a second sleep before you must get up for the day. If you are finding you sleep longer, then again go to bed earlier so that you can fit that in, and be rigid in getting up on time. If you find that you are not sleeping at all, ensure you have some down time where your body and mind can relax, even if you are not actually sleeping.

We live in our environment, and are affected by it. We must adapt to our environment as we cannot always adapt it to us. We must also adapt to how we have adapted to our environment, since to only react is to lose our selves.