Happy Fathers Day

As I was growing up, my father was absent. I didn’t understand the point of fathers day. My biological father was absent and try as I might, I just couldn’t get that close to my step father.

At around the age of 23 my biological father died. Fathers day became a day to remember that I never did take that opportunity to get to know him. It is a day of sadness.

Almost twelve years ago my daughter was born. This forever changed fathers day for me. It was a day to celebrate how my daughter came into my life and showed me that good emotions can belong as well. She became my inspiration to self develop good parenting techniques, to always be there and to maintain my decision to be and work for good. I find it easy to turn away from my dark side, because she is in my light.

Now fathers day has become a mixed day of celebration. Celebrating those we have lost, and also that which we have gained.

So I thank you, my daughter, for being in my life and showing me that the world is a beautiful place to be in.