Attachment and introspection

Well this seems very familiar. Reviewing my life and wondering what the point is, how much things actually matter and where am I going with this life, anyway?

While it is good to reflect, it is important to only invest the right amount of energy into it. Much like you shouldn’t go shopping when you are hungry or just ate, else you risk buying too much or too little, one should avoid introspection when your attachment to the world is too low or too high.

Our attachments connect us to meaning, to value and allow us to feel worth. If our attachments are low, like mine is at the moment, then things look bleak, hopeless and not worth doing. It is tempting to just pack it all in and do nothing. On the other hand, if our attachments are too high, everything is too important and you don’t want to miss anything, resulting in paralysis through to many options.

My best of course of action is to consider things now, but not decide until I can recognise that my level of attachment has reached safe parameters. Then I should review and make necessary changes. This moment now is to remind myself when I’m on the opposite swing that while things then will look super important, right now they don’t, and the true value of things is somewhere in between.