No one is perfect

We lead our lives comparing ourselves to some crap ideal of perfection, continuously seeing ourselves as lesser. We look at others and see that they, too, are imperfect and so they are lesser. We see those who do better than us in some aspect of our lives and foolishly believe that they are better than us, missing all the things that we do that are better than them, discounting these things in our single minded effort to confirm in our own minds our truly lesser status.

We foolishly believe that imperfection is an exclusion to worthiness.

This is false. You are worth while. You are worthy.

The error is not with imperfection, it is with how we define perfection.

A perfect human being isn’t someone without error, isn’t someone who knows everything, isn’t someone who doesn’t make a mistake, and certainly isn’t someone who can relate to everything perfectly, who can balance their emotions without error, who can think and analyse clearly and is rich, well known, well liked, well accepted and so on.

Such a being is not human. So why strive for being inhuman?

Instead embrace your emotions and their lack of finesse, embrace the errors that allow you to learn, embrace your vulnerabilities that prompt you to tread cautiously when you perceive danger, embrace those poor connections with others. In short, embrace all those things that make you less than perfect, for those are the things that make you human, that make you worthy, that allow you to live your life in light and darkness.

We dream of a better us, a future us. While this does give us direction to travel in, beware that this is yet another comparison to perfection that empowers us to believe that we are not worthy. We are both human now, and we will be human in the future.

Don’t compare yourself to perfection and find yourself lesser. Compare yourself to human and realise that you have achieved it.

You are worthy.