Impulse Control and Drug Use

An interesting study attempting to correlate impulse control and drug use.

Here are my problems with this article (accepting that it is a report of the research and not the research paper).

1) It implies that a different brain network allows for an increase in drug taking because of the lack of impulse control. If this were true, why only drug taking? Also the inference here is that this difference in the brain is the causal factor, but ignores whether or not this is nature (would happen regardless), or nurture (happened as a result of the way the child was raised).
2) It implies that the ability to stop yourself from pressing a button part way through the act of pressing it is similar to taking drugs. I find this to be a huge leap.
3) The title suggests their is a definite link between brain networks and teen drug abuse, but this was not evidenced in the article, although it was referenced a few times.

Another thought I had was that many years ago there was a test of kids (very young) who were given a lolly (or something) and told that if they hadn’t eaten it by the time the adult came back in, they could have a second. Those who ate it without waiting were labelled impulsive while the others were labelled something like impulse resistant. They were then tracked for many years and those who were able to control their impulses were found to be successful while those who couldn’t usually had far less success in thier lives. It was decided in this study that impulse control was the factor that lead to success or not, however it wasn’t established whether parenting had anything to do with the impulse control, whether nature or nurture or both.

I see this article making the same error. However as a preliminary study, it is interesting.