Who Am I? Who do I want to be?

I use to think that finding out who you were was the way to go forwards. It was the way to discover where you are starting from and become enlightened about what you should do. That the “me” part of me was the important thing that leads my life. Often this questions asks us to isolate ourselves from things that we find meaningful, such as jobs, roles and emotions. How do we define red without talking about colour, wavelength or packets of energy?

The immortal and action generating aspect of “me” may be true, but to try to find and define that is a fruitless task. It implies that the “me” is unchangeable and constant. It denies change.

Instead I should ask “who do I want to be?” Or more to the point “what kind of person do I want to be?” I may come up with a couple of trite answers such as “rich” and “successful”, but what I’m really looking for is “kind”, “responsible” and “happy”, or other some such meaningful answer. The types of answers that I come up with will tell me far more about who I am than those other isolating questions.

I could go on a long monologue and talk about how you define “rich” and “successful” and turn that into kind, responsible and happy, but really I feel like cutting straight to the chase. Very few people want to be “mean”, “nasty” and “dangerous” without a flip side that says “safe”.

Once you know what you want to become, the next step is identifying how to get there. Contrast that to what you are now – are you kind, happy and responsible? The things you are not are the things to change. It is much

So, what kind of person do you want to be?