Resources and artificial scarcity

Resources. It is all about resources. There are just so much before the raw resources run out.

I look at my life and I see myself attempting to manage my resources on many levels in many ways.

I consume resources, such as food, electricity, oxygen and so forth, transforming them entropically into other items, which hopefully become resources for other things.

Not all resources are simple matter transformation though, such as creativity, social connection, emotion, time and thought.

A certain amount of time and effort and time must be spent in the pursuit of the fictitious resource called money. Without it my access to vital resource is cut off or made exceedingly difficult. Thus this resource of time, energy and empathy is prioritised and allocated to the pursuit of cash, leaving me with diminished time, energy and empathy for the rest of the time in my day.

The less energy I have after parcelling out other resources, the less resources I have to be creative. Personally I wish that I could prioritise this resource, but I have responsibilities to my family – they need my time, energy and empathy too.
So I parcel more of my personal resources to them, leaving me with even less resources to put into creativity.

All of this also takes a toll on the resources that I spend on maintaining myself. If I spend too much of my resources on others and not enough on myself, I am harmed and eroded with the result of having less energy at the start of each day. This cycle leaves me vulnerable and requires a change of priorities. Sometimes I must let the family struggle on it’s own, or give off working a day.

It can seem like my existence is merely to serve the masters of money and the family. This spends emotional resources sapping the reserves for a positive perception of life.

The result of this is that I must manage my personal resources intelligently. This may mean expecting less of myself, or making more of the resources that I do have.
An easy one to examine is time. There is only twenty four hours in each day. A certain amount must be spent on travel, eating, sleeping, working, getting ready for the day and so on. By the time this minimum time has been spent, one can consider that there is very little time for the self. Oh the longing for an older time of nomadic wandering, where eighty percent of time was spent doing whatever one felt like.

Clearly time is immutable. Yet there are things one can do to shift the time around. Sleep is hard to change, as is eating. However one can change how one cooks to decrease time spent on that, and one can increase the quality of sleep to make the most of that. As I drive to and from work I will listen to podcasts, which parallels the use of that time. I could also find a workplace closer to home. I am always on the look out for a more efficient way to get ready for the day so that I can cram in more so that when I do spend time on me, it is more time and of higher quality. Even if that means that I just sit and do nothing or go and play in the park with my daughter.

The management of time, and by extension other resources, is really important. Often we forget to look at the efficiency of what we do and end up stuck with what we have always done. We loose ourselves in tradition and forget to prioritise what is truly important.

I still want to find a way to make money from being creative. It’s good to have goals.