Evil thoughts?

It is not the thoughts you have, or the intention you mean, or the outcome that counts. Only the actions you choose and the acts you do which move you that count.

When challenged by a problem we reflect on what we have learned to see if there is an answer to this problem. This reflection may include ideas that are very incorrect for logistical, moral or ethical reasons. We will also have ideas that are excellent or just good enough for the same logistical, moral and ethical reasons.  Sometimes our dilema is pickign the least harmful bad choice.

The solutions that go through our mind for consideration do not define us. These thoughts do show the journey we have taken. What defines us is the choices we make from these solutions.

Sometimes we make a choice and the outcome doesn’t happen as we hoped or planned for. While this is sometimes due to poor planning, often the bad outcome is due to external circumstances that were either beyond our control or beyond our prediction. These poor outcomes don’t define us either.

The only thing you have control over is the action you chose to take. This choice is what defines you.